February 16, 2007

Friendly Faces

Here's an introduction to Keira's world. Where friends and family are gold! More to follow suit...

Adam: My cousin, we're 3 months apart. Polite, exhuberant, very active dude. Can sleep through anything. Is into trucks and is interested in how things work. Hide your cameras and phones people!

Caleb: Adam's little brother. Sweet, teething, lovely smile. Look closely, could be my twin. Likes to drool and swat at toys. Excellent life.

Aiden: Also my cousin, once removed. Whatever that means! Bubbly, outdoorsey, lives in San Diego. Sweet disposition, will meet one day.

Ardenne: Family friend and a real sweetheart. Has heart of gold. Calm and never sleeps (according to her mummy and daddy) but is rarely cranky. Can't wait to play with her again!

Ella: Family friend! Has no fear. Will leap over tall buildings, fly through hoops! Is a cool cookie. Nothing fazes this one..

Simon: Cheerios connoisseur. Hooked on computers, will clean floors. If you ask politely, he might even do windows for you! Excellent dancer. I know, I've seen him dance!

Noah: My buddy! Love to play together. I mess things up, he cleans up. Am trying to get him to ditch the doo-doo and suss. I have already successfully hidden the suss once. Made everyone panic (hehe). Will try again sometime soon.

Vaughn: Family friend. Future heart-throb. Must be the Portuguese in him! Anyone have his number?

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