January 19, 2011

i ♡ fournier - princess tooth fairy

She is so pretty & soft to the touch...
A little pocket for Tooth Fairy to leave a little something to the little one who has lost a tooth. Or two.
I first noticed these beautiful Tooth Fairies on Anabel Fournier's blog.. And So I Whisper (is that not an intriguing title for a blog?). As usual, I have no idea how I stumbled across her blog but I'm so glad I did. It's a visually beautiful blog. Over the months, I've come to know Anabel bit by tiny bit. I confess, I don't know her as much as I'd like to however, I'm loving this long distance burgeoning friendship, one that I hope will continue to blossom!

I love her children's line. Especially all the accessories.. look at that necklace!
Image credit: Anabel Fournier, Fournier
Anabel owns and operates her own clothing line & accessories company called Fournier (for women and children). They create beautiful, hand crafted & knitted clothing and accessories made from such soft and natural fibers like soft pima cotton, baby alpaca, soft cotton velvet and more. What I love about this company is that every single piece of garment is lovingly made by an artisan from Bolivia. To know more about Anabel and why/how she started her company, I asked her a few questions and I'm so happy she replied! lol..

1. Can you tell us what is behind Fournier and how it came about? I love the fact that everything is hand made by incredibly talented Bolivian artisans.. the workmanship and quality is so evident, even in your photos!
I founded Fournier as a poverty alleviation project in the Summer of 2002 while living in Bolivia, and after researching rural women's survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty. It was amazing to me to see that almost every women on the streets are knitting something. The goal of my little project was to help the community make long lasting improvements in their own standards of living and give the skilled artisans an opportunity to sell their creations. We operate in a socially responsible manner, starting by building trusting relationships with the artisans and suppliers and providing people throughout our supply chain with wages that enable them to live comfortably. Most of the knitters that make the Fournier line are the sole providers of their home. (You can see some of these wonderful artisans featured on Anabel's blog as well! Click here)

Scrumptious & gorgeous! I think Anabel could also open up her own bakery..
Image credit: Anabel Fournier, And So I Whisper blog
2. Anyone who's seen your blog will know how talented and creative you are, in design and cooking! Do you have a design background? Is this what enabled and/or inspired you to start your company?
I am a graphic designer. My love for fashion and beautiful things has taken me to Italy to get trained in fashion design. My knitting knowledge comes from my grandmother, who taught me how to knit when I was 10 years old and I am a self taught crochet knitter as well. I love to crochet al the samples in my accessories line for girls and the new line for women. When I get in the kitchen, my first thought is to bake a cake or a batch of cookies. I absolutely love to bake and find excuses to do it every time I can.

3. You're a mom to 2 young (and gorgeous!) children, you have your own business and you've moved! You also have a beautiful blog. How do you juggle being mom, wife, blogger and a business woman? Any secrets or tips that you can impart for us? Especially any tips on time management?
We have moved a lot in the last six years and with that, I have learned to be very organized with my time and at home. I plan meals ahead and keep everything clean on a daily basis so it is easier around the house. I also try to work only until the kids get out of school so that in the afternoons, I can sit and do homework with them, cook dinner and enjoy some free time with a good cup of coffee. If I still have work to do, I finish it after the kids go to sleep. One thing that has been difficult as a work-from-home mom is not to work on weekends.. Still working on staying away from the computer on Sundays. (now that is a hard one to do, I must admit).

There is something to learn from everyone and I hope I can become a whiz at time management as Anabel clearly is! Right around the christmas holidays, we received a little package from Anabel and inside.. the cutest Princess Tooth Fairy we've ever seen! There are no seams, the details are incredible and it's so soft. Keira has made me put it on our frame shelf in the playroom, waiting for the next tooth to come out.

Thank you so much Anabel for this wonderful tooth fairy! She is beautiful. Check out the Pirate Tooth.. hm, can't call him a fairy can we?? Perfect if you have a little Jack Sparrow in your life (girl & boy)!

To view more of Anabel's beautiful clothing & accessories, head on over to her main site:
And her blog: http://www.andsoiwhisper.com/ where she posts beautiful photos of every day life in different countries, her baking passion and of course, her beautiful clothing!
Follow Anabel on twitter here: @andsoiwhisper

Image credit: Anabel Fournier, And So I Whisper blog


kribss said...

i think i'm going to love this new to me blog! cute cute cute tooth fairy pillows- and just my luck- kaylee just lost her first tooth!

sherimiya said...

Loving the way I'm discovering beauty all over the world wide webs through your exquisite eye. You have a discerning taste and it shows in your loving generosity of spirit. Thank you Chantale for sharing, and being you :)

ChantaleP said...

Hey Kristi, congrats to your mini-me! This would be purrrfect for her. I think there's even a tooth fairy with a toutou fringe..

ChantaleP said...

Aw Sheri, that is so sweet of you to say. Thank you!

KLT said...

What a sweet tooth fairy pillow! I love the quality & design of all of her items. The photography is just gorgeous too! That little Jack Sparrow Tooth would be perfect for the S man, don't you think? :) Thanks for the introduction Chantale. Just followed her on twitter & will definitely be checking out her blog regularly. Just beautiful...

ChantaleP said...

Hey Kristin, from one artist to another (you and Anabel).. I knew you'd see the quality craftsmanship from your own expert eyes. I could definitely see that Pirate for S-man! Arr. 'cept he's got a long way to go before he loses his baby teeth! lol...

Paul & Paula said...

I love her work as well, very exquisite and always the best colours! LOVE!
And thanks for this interesting interview!

Anabel Fournier said...

Thank you Chantale for featuring my work on your lovely blog!!! So exciting to see the tooth fairy in your home. Keira is the first to have one as those are coming out for the first time this spring :-)
Hope she enjoys it as much as my little boy has been enjoying his pirate.

Old Brand New said...

Thanks for a very insightful interview. It's a real treat to read about the wonderful things happening in other parts of the world. That tooth fairy is a gem and so is everything else in their collection.

ps. totallly loving the new header with geometric shapes and with your darling Keira.

lula honey said...

i just love that itty bitty tooth pillow and that super cute necklace. i am going to check out her blog now. thank you for sharing chantale :)

Nath said...

Very cute... And might come very handy soon with our girlies :)