April 3, 2011

delivered: uppercase & papier maché

Uppercase & Papier Mache magazines
Zoé de las Cases in Papier Mache
Les Zigouis featured in Papier Mache magazine
It's Kristin's (KLTworks) photography in Uppercase Magazine!

Irma Gruenholz's miniature sculptures...
Today I wanted to share these 2 gorgeous magazines with you that I received in the mail. The quality of both of these is such that you will *not* tear them apart for tear sheets nor will you put them in the recycling bin. The paper stock is deliciously thick and inside, the treasures you'll find!

The first magazine is Papier Mache! And it's an issue I won via a contest held over at the incredibly creative blog of Deborah's Kickcan & Conkers. There is inspiration & originality abound over at K&C! Things you never see on other blogs and rarely rehashed, which is what I love most. I'm a big fan of Papier Mache online and when I heard they were going in print, well, didn't we all go a little ga-ga? The print version of the magazine is incredible. It's a gorgeous hard copy compliment to the online interactive version. The photography, the subject matter, the clothing, it's all beautiful. My favorite in this print issue is reading (and re-reading) about Zoe de las Cases. Issue 6 is online now!

The second magazine I received in the mail is from the always lovely and insanely creative Kristin from KLTworks! No, I didn't win anything but she knows I'm a certified mag-hag and after having told her I had not yet seen Uppercase magazine (except online), she sent a copy to me! How sweet is that? 

Now this is a collector's item! This print bound magazine is printed on thick stock, uncoated. Makes it feel amazing in your hands. The colours are so rich and honestly? When I first turned the pages, I had to put it down again because I became overwhelmed with so much creativity. I can't tell you which part of the magazine is my favorite because there is too much to love! What did catch my eye were the miniature sculptures of Irma Gruenholz and the dollhouses featured on pg 79 of the magazine. This Uppercase issue also came with tons of printed letterpress goodies! Some of which I framed and put up in the house (see here).  

You can order your printed version of Papier Mache here: papier-mache.com.au/shop
and you can view Uppercase stockists here and subscribe to the mag here.

For more wondrous creative inspiration, head on over to Kickcan & Conkers and KLTworks Sketchbook blog! 


Jen C said...

Absolutely stunning magazines!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Great to see that Papier mache arrived, I agree with everything you said, it's beautiful. My 65 year old mum's over from England and she's had a good flick through too! I bought my last uppercase mag as a treat for me at Christmas, it's by my bed and definitely one I'll be keeping.
Couldn't agree more about KLT's creativity,you know she's a fave of mine as well. thanks for mentioning my blog.

KLT said...

Well, we mag-hags need to stick together don't you think? Just love Uppercase & the Papier Mache magazines. They have been my before bed browses lately that have ensured sweet dreams. I love Kickcan & Conkers too. :) Thanks for the mention Chantale. HOpe you have a great Monday!

Bron said...

I am LOVING Papier Mache too! Great picks.

Rebekka Seale said...

I recently received the print Paper Mache, and oh...it's just so wonderful. I was utterly and thoroughly impressed...I hope they keep printing!!!


I've been wanting the Uppercase mags for so long and have NO idea what I'm waiting for. Must subscribe now.

ChantaleP said...

Hope you all get the newest issues of both magazines! Well, not sure if Papier Mache has print issue 2 out yet. Still love picking both up and finding something I missed previously..