August 25, 2011

la vie en bubblegum

la vie en bubblegum
minnie? elle est si p'tite!
ma toupette, ma moustache!

Oui, c'est la vie en bubblegum! The long days are starting to wind down and summer days are almost ending (gulp). School will be starting in t-minus 5 days and I've finally made the effort to order school uniforms and see what still fits the Keikster. Everything fits width-wise, nothing fits length-wise. Voilà, a few new and fave tops and bottoms to face the chilly weather soon to come. But not now. Oh no, not now. We will enjoy the here and now...

Happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?

I love these new HushHush shoes..
hush hush shoes
hush hush shoes
Et oui, tes idées étoiles?? 
idée étoile
Heather Grey Cardigan+tee: KLTworks
Long sleeved tee: Crewcuts, JCrew
Minnie Mouse hoodie+slim jim roll-up jeans: Zara Girls
Cord skirt: Crewcuts, JCrew
Star tulle skirt: Gap Kids
All socks: Crewcuts, JCrew
Shoes: Hush Hush


KLT said...

Love, Love, Love these photos!!! The stitching on those shoes are fantastic. That first photo made me jump up & make a yip noise! :) Have a great Friday Chantale...

sheri fujihara chen said...

I love how you notate her wardrobe, like I'm reading this in a fashion mag. She's a real fashion model, for sure! I love the outfits! If only my girl could wear them for 2 minutes without spilling, tearing, smearing, etc-ing something all over them. Hehe.

ChantaleP said...

Thanks so much Kristin.. It's been too hot during summer to wear the cardi but the tee has been getting tons of wear!

ChantaleP said...

Oh Sheri! She's clean and free of debris here but give her 2 minutes and she'll have some kind of stain somewhere... lol.

Lia Chen said...

Stunning pictures! Sweet Keira! You can start the fashion magazine for kids now. Gosh ... I just love her feminine style :)

bron @ baby space said...

Ok, that first outfit pic is the cutest ever! Love the socks and the 'tude :)

marielaure said...

so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fei An said...

Wow, she is much taller!!!
Magical eyes, how do you get those light in her eyes, always wondering...Have a nice weekend!

KERRY said...

She is super-stylish! Hope you’re having a nice weekend?

We’re enjoying four whole days of family time...doesn’t happen very often.

Also, I keep meaning to ask what you use to edit your photos, as they always have a lovely depth and beautiful tones to them? If you don’t mind sharing of course :)

Kenziepoo said...

LOVE these photo's! So adorable!! Love little Miss K's Outfits! xo

Susan Yuen said...

Beautiful pictures! Keira has amazing eyes and is so photogenic!!