November 13, 2011

oh butterflies!

Last weekend, I added this butterfly comforter to Keira's bed. The nights have been getting chillier and even though I know Keira becomes a human heater when she falls asleep, I know that once that first hot spell wears off, she can get chilly as the night wears on. My mother brought this beautiful satin and silk comforter from Seoul a few years ago. At first, my sister received it and then, as her 2 boys were born I guess the theme of 'butterflies' didn't exactly mesh well with a 'boy' bedroom theme. So I became the lucky recipient of this beautiful and quite heavy comforter.

Keira and I love to look at the embroidered butterflies and choose which we love best. All of them!

P.s. You may have noticed the different placing of her bed. Keira decided she wanted her furniture the way it was before the 'big girl' room. So the bed is placed by the wall again. To be honest with you, there is much more space now and everything flows much better. 


And So I Whisper said...

Beautiful background color and butterflies. I've always admired this kind of embreoidery. So many colors! The butterflies look like they are real and flying around.

Alely said...

love the comforter! it looks so cozy and i love the color!

Leah said...

That comforter is so gorgeous!!!! And keira is getting so big, what a stinkin cutie pie!