February 14, 2012

♡ happy valentine's day!

home made card for my Kiki
I found this Valentine Monster High doll for Keira.. is she happy about it? Um, yes.
Can I just say, I love these weird looking dolls too?

Happy Valentine's Day! What a gorgeous sunny morning to celebrate it.
As usual, the mister and I were scrambling last minute to spread extra ♡ today, especially for Keira but I think we managed to get her to feel the love. Keira spent yesterday evening writing out valentine cards for her classmates signed 'Keira' for her friends but 'Keira-Mae' for her 'special' friends. We noticed she wrote this for 2 boys in her class. lol.

heart breakfast Nutella heart breakfast!

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After she went to sleep, I took out all her craft glue, glitter and watercolour paint set and made her a mini valentine card to add to her lunch box today. I hope she likes it! And even though chocolate is banned from school, I did add a tiny chocolate heart in there. Surely they'll let her have it. It is Valentine's Day after all. Today is also pink & red day at school and Keira made sure to wear something pink and glittery. Hope she has a wonderful day.. and I hope you all do too!

This is, my SweetShotTuesday!
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Sari - MrsAgatha said...

Happy Valentine's Day Chantale!

Love the doll, if I had a girl I'd buy that for her! :D (Too bad my boy doesn't like dolls much...)

karaimame said...

Keira-Mae for the special friends huh? And oh boy, boys...! oh right, Miss Keira-Mae!
Ahaha, I just can imagine you sneaking on Kiki´s craft supplies! But the card is sweet, she will surely adore it.
Hope you will have a great Valentine´s Day sweet friend!

bron @ baby space said...

happy love day to you both :)

Lia Chen said...

Now I can see what you did with the pink glitter hehehe ... That mini pink card is awesome! So sweet of you and K is so lucky to have that card. Made with full of love from you. Happy Valentine's Day Chantale! Hope you had a great time with your family and friends :)

sheri fujihara chen said...

A simply exquisite assemblage of love things for an exquisite sweet girl...
I use this adjective a lot in your blog, but your photos and imagery transport me to a beautiful place of girly-girl fantasy! Hope you all had a wonderful day of loooooooovvvveeee....... ^_^

joyce said...

she looks very valentine-ish, very fancy!

p.s. can't believe you snuck in a banned substance! tsk tsk!

Jen C said...

I hope you all had a very lovely valentine's!

MarieLAure said...

Lot's of love to your lovely Family !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey said...

You and the mister are such great parents to sweet Keira. Seriously. Love the fancy breakfast and the love note in the lunch.

Evelina from Sweden said...

What a beautiful girl! xx