September 15, 2012

summer into fall


Wow, that last post is hard to beat. I look back on my vacation posts and feel a pang of sadness that summer is really over. As much as I try to deny it, fall is really just around the corner. No more waking up early to summer sunshine. It's getting darker and darker out there! I've even (gasp!) taken out the winter coats and buying fall/winter skirts. This fall & winter, I am determined to wear more skirts and dresses. I ordered this and this so far. What do you think? I intend to wear them with leggings rather than stockings just like these sleek suckers. I just need platform booties to go with them.

It's becoming crunch time at work now with everyone gearing up for sales season coming up. And with all the activities and homework during the week, it's getting harder and harder to post anything. But I'm trying...

I've been loving everyone's Instagram images and posts of 'outfit of the day' their kids are wearing. Sadly, everyday is Groundhog's Day for Keira since she wears the same uniform to school. Well, it alternates between regulation gym clothes and tunics (you've seen Richie Rich's closet with the same clothes hanging all in a row? mmhm).

Anyways, for a while now, I have had nothing to do with Keira's outfits. She chooses everything on her own. I just say, 'get dressed little lady!'.. and pouf! A gazillion years later, she decides to get dressed. lol. Today she chose her Crewcuts dress (I love this colour!) and her neon Crewcuts necklace with her sweet mushroom Fournier necklace too. She just looks yummy! With this on, she was ready to take on her swimming lesson, shopping for food and supper at a restaurant tonight. Whew. That's enough!


marielaure said...

je viens de voir toutes tes belles photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

bron @ baby space said...

I have had skirts on my mind too -- long ones though, for our Sydney summer. I love Keira's outfit choice! I look forward to seeing what kind of taste the lady has when she's older :)

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids said...

how beautiful she is!